X-Doria Dash Icon Rising Hearts iPhone 5 case review

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Provides: Protection for iPhone 5
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, X-Doria has released a limited edition Valentine’s Print of its Dash Icon iPhone 5 case. The one we received for review is called the Rising Hearts, and it is one case that your girlfriend or wife will surely love.

The Rising Hearts Dash Icon case features a unique 3D printing that adds a subtle, tactile feel to the case. This textured fabric gives the case a nice grip and prevents your iPhone 5 from slipping out of your hand.  The case’s subtle “puff prints” create a sort of slightly raised surface and inject tactile interest as well.

x-doria rising hears dash icon iphone 5 case

When it comes to material, you will surely appreciate the Dash Icon’s not-soshard polycarbonate inner shell which perfectly fits your iPhone 5 and ensures your handset will not be accidentally scratched or damaged when your slipping it inside the case. The soft/hard polycarbonate materials make it easier to remove your iPhone 5 from the case as well. Of course, you can rest assured that your iPhone’s back and side are fully protected from scratches and impacts.

X-Doria Dash Icon Rising Hearts iPhone 5 Case

Now, since this is a limited edition print, what can we say about the design? We love the fact that X-Doria did not make the red design too red, and the combination of the light blue and red hearts give the case a nice appearance. My wife loves the design, saying it’s not too chic and will suit not only the younger crowd but the mature female iPhone 5 users, as well.

X-Doria Dash Icon Rising Hearts iPhone 5 Case

The Rising Hearts Dash Icon iPhone 5 case is available now for $29.99 from X-Doria’s site. The case will surely be a perfect addition to the bouquet of flowers you’re planning to give your wife or partner.

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Dash Icon Rising Hearts iPhone 5 Case

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