Fishlabs announces MMORTS Galaxy On Fire – Alliances

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Galaxy On Fire

German developer FishLabs—makers of the stunningly beautiful iOS spacefaring RPGs Galaxy On Fire and Galaxy On Fire 2—have announced a spin-off title: Galaxy On Fire – Alliances.

The previous games in the series cast the player in the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a former pilot in the Terran space fleet who travelled across the galaxy running errands, making friends and enemies, and taking down space pilots in an action oriented RPG. Alliances takes an RTS turn, tasking the player with building, managing and expanding their own galactic empire in a previously unexplored star cluster. The game will focus more heavily on strategy with some real time elements played on a massively multiplayer galactic scale.

The game will be free to play, unlike its premium predecessors, and will likely feature some type of in app purchase system, though no details in regard to this have been announced. FishLabs hopes to set themselves apart from the plethora of freemium titles currently available with their fully realized state of the art 3D graphics and a full english voice over cast, much like previous games in the series. If the original entries to the galaxy on fire series are anything to go by, the game will be nothing short of amazing (provided that FishLabs manage to avoid the many trappings of the freemium model).

For more information and updates on the game, head over to the developers blog. If you are new to the Galaxy On Fire franchise and want to enjoy a free romp through the galaxy, Galaxy On Fire 2 HD is currently Apple’s free app of the week on the iOS App Store, but act fast! The deal expires at the end of this week.

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