HBO Go, MAX Go add Airplay support

Sections: Apple TV

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HBO Go and MAX Go are online services which allow subscribers to the premium channels to watch their original programs and select films whenever they like via the web or using their apps. They’re also available on some streaming devices like Roku and Xbox Live, and through some cable carriers who place restrictions on the Go services when they’re attached to an actual television. But that changed today when both apps were updated to support Airplay.

This means that if you own an iOS device and an Apple TV, you can stream content from HBO and MAX to your TV regardless of your cable carrier. However, there is still no native app for the Apple TV itself, and the iOS app does not support HDMI-out. In other words, if you don’t have both an iOS device and an AppleTV, you’re out of luck. Strangely, you can watch HBO Go on your TV if you use the web interface on a computer with an HDMI-out.

The HBO Go and MAX Go apps are free, but require a cable subscription to the premium channels.

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