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I’m going to tell you all something personal…I don’t like platformers. I loved Sonic when I was young and hadn’t seen anything like it before, but between then and now there have been very few platform style games that make it onto my Visa transaction history!

In the era of iOS gaming, platformers have been opened up to a whole new market of gamers who, like me, can’t warrant spending actual money on a platform game when there were so many “real” games out there. We now have the option of spending a few bucks and getting a great product at a great price.

One such example of this is Cordy 2 on iOS from Silver Tree Media.

What is it?

Here, you take on the role of a wee robot made up mainly of a big TV shaped head. Cordy is charged with battling the evil Boogie Bots in an effort to rid “World 2″ of “the Boogaloo!” In very simple terms, he does this by jumping on the baddies heads, making them explode, and collecting their “gears.”

Not much difference there, then? But, Cordy 2 is different. It’s frankly beautiful. The whole game is intricately designed and animated in a way that should make even EA stand up and take notice. The backgrounds are something to behold and keep you entertained with constant movement and animation.

Cordy 2

Silver Tree has done a great job of connecting you to that stunning background. One clever gameplay element is the blue “plug” connectors dotted around the levels. With the press of your secondary action button you can fire off along a cleverly designated route around the level and into the background or even the unseen foreground in some cases. It’s a non critical element in terms of gameplay but a pure example of Silver Tree’s attention to detail.

The presentation in general is stunning with great use of the touch interface. From the moment you select the game you’re rewarded with artwork so cleverly illustrated it’s worthy of the purchase price alone! I’m not kidding. The whole feel for the game is very much Steam Punk meets Dreamworks Robots. It looks awesome! Even down to collecting gears, the animation is so delicate it reminds me why iOS gaming has destroyed PS2 and Xbox. But even this is overshadowed by the sheer awesomeness of the camera angles and cinematography. Seriously, they really have been clever in their execution.

How does it work?

The gameplay is also flawless. If you’re looking for a pickup and play odyssey with twists and turns to compete with Little Big Planet and its predecessors, then you’ve found it. It’s traditional in nature with age old rules, meaning if you bump into the wrong robot in the wrong place, you’ll lose all your gears, but they’re recoverable again if you’re near enough.

Throughout the game, you’ll be able to utilise a string of add-on equipment to make things more interesting and allow you into places you couldn’t get to before. The back-pack chopper is my favorite! The physics on these items are accurate and enjoyable without being overly frustrating. The level of animation for each movement, from the double jump and magnet running to the chopper and jet pack flying leave you with a real sense of “wowness.” You’ll be making all kinds of unnecessary jumps just to analyze them a bit closer.

If there is one flaw to the game, it’s this; regularly, your experience will be interrupted by a non-participatory set piece involving you holding one of the left/right buttons for an extended time while Cordy darts around the screen until he meets his pre-determined objective. It looks cool, but it’s linear and annoying after awhile.

On the subject of negative points, I also find it astonishing that some of the new “heads” available as in-app purchases cost as much as the whole game. A joke if it wasn’t real money being exchanged.

Is it contagious?

Overall, this game is an absolute must have. With 50+ levels available in the full game, this is a no-brainer purchase and a triumph for Silver Tree Media. Head over to the App Store now and get into it!

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Seller: SilverTree Media
Cost: Free
Download: Cordy 2

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