Sir Hammerlock to fall on Borderlands 2 for OS X, brings Mac/PC multiplayer

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Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Are you playing Borderlands 2? Good. You’ve made the right decision. Were you bothered by the inability to explore Pandora with your PC using friends? That’s been patched. Have you been itching to go on a Big Game Hunt in the swamps of Pandora with Sir Hammerlock? Then man, this is definitely your week thanks to some updates and releases from Aspyr.

First, there’s the patch. It updates Borderlands 2 to v1.3.1 and brings it in sync with the PC version on Steam, so you’ve now got Mac/PC multiplayer. Enjoy. It’s free.

Second, the Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt campaign add-on is now available. Head deep into the Pandora swamps to find “stockpiles of loot,” provided you survive the attacks by mutated beasts and armies of savages.

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt features:

  • The Best Guns in Borderlands 2 Yet: This safari trip ain’t just ’bout taking down big game with huge, senselessly overpowered weapons. It’s also about hunting for new loot in an effort to glean Seraph crystals, and get even bigger guns to take back into the main game.
  • Defend Hammerlock’s Hacienda: Seek out Sir Hammerlock and his rustic hunting lodge, man the turrets and fan boats to take out enemy vehicles, babysit Hammerlock’s pet Skag and wait for him to… ewwww.
  • To Hunt and be Hunted:  Face a new Raid Boss, new World Bosses, mutant creatures great and greater, and waves of foul-odor-ed heathen hoards. In the swamp, no one can hear your smell.
  • All New Swamp Location: Alien vegetation, marshy water, scraggly mountains, and rolling mist form a dangerous and exotic zone, all in an as-of-yet-unseen part of Pandora.
  • New Heads & Skins: Spoils are awarded to those who seek out and defeat the rarest enemies in the Swamps. If it’s on the endangered species list; kill it immediately, because it’s all about you.

Enjoy. It’s not free. But if you get it through, the add-on will only run you $9.99. Visit Aspyr’s website for more information on the full version of Borderlands 2, and watch for the AppleTell review soon…provided we make it out of the swamps alive.

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