Appidemic: Feast or Famine for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Lace up your Air Lothar running shoes; it’s time to chase down dinner with X4 Games’ Feast or Famine. By the way, don’t forget your spear.

What is it?

Feast or Famine is an action platformer that sets you running after your daily bread; or, in this case, your daily buffalo. As long as you keep killing the wild game (which is trying very sincerely to run away from you) you have food to keep you alive. If you go too long between kills, you will starve and fall down quite dead.

Feast or Famine

You will also have obstacles to avoid and pitfalls to traverse. If it doesn’t kill you, it will slow you down and your next meal might get away, so tread carefully. The game offers power-ups as well, like a boomerang. A boomerang you say? I do say, and it’s a nifty upgrade from the spear because it will hit your prey on your outbound throw (if your aim is right) and hit it again on the way back to you.

Feast or Famine

Keep eating and running long enough to reach the checkpoint at the end of the round and you can advance to the next round.

How does it work?

Speaking of aim, if you tap the left side of the screen and hold it, game time stops so you can take careful aim. This is especially handy because the default mode is running and you’ll be focusing significant attention to not being slowed down by obstacles or killed by hazards. If you tap the right side of the screen your character will jump. The game also offers special weapons, etc. you can purchase with the bones you collect. Personally, I’m torn between the Dodo and Voodoo for my first purchase, they both sound like fun.

Feast or Famine

The imagery is a cool version of animated cave paintings, and the sounds are fitting for the environment and theme. Everything is very well matched.

Is it contagious?

Despite food being one of my favorite things, and running one of my least favorite things, this game combines them for a whole lot of fun. The gameplay is easy and the pace gets challenging quickly enough to hold interest. Some replay may be needed to memorize and overcome some of the rounds (you really need to know when to jump) but it’s not an unpleasant or annoying replay.

Feast or Famine is only $0.99 and is more than worth it. Now grab your spear…and pass the salt, please.

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Seller: X4 Games
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