Bump app lets users share files directly between Apple devices

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Bump recently announced its web client version, letting users transfer files to and from your computer. As such, file transfer is about to get more convenient, whether it’s from your iPhone to Mac or vice versa.


The updated web client is compatible with iOS and Android, meaning you can transfer files such as photos, videos, contacts and files between two devices without having to go through iCloud or Dropbox.

No one ever says “I sure look forward to syncing my phone with my computer!”  We want to change that. Because really, it’s the year 2013—we have self-driving cars, private space exploration, 3D printers—but most folks have a hard time getting a video taken on their phone over to their laptop.

The initial version only supported photos, but the developers saw the potential of file transfers from phones to computers, and the number of Bump users has grown 50% in the last two months alone.

There’s no setup at all—just go to on your computer, open Bump on your phone, and bump the spacebar key! Bump is now your unlimited USB flash drive that is always with you!

Bump is available for free in the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

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