Concept d’iOS 7 sur un iPad mini

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First, my apologies to French speaking people everywhere for the Babel Fish translation headline above. But when has a new iOS 7 concept for us to see, we like to keep things in the spirit of the original source. They showed us their ideas for iOS 7 on an iPhone last month, and now we can see how it would look on an iPad mini.

iOS 7 Concept iPad mini

Again, you can see their support for a widget zone, which I would like. I’d prefer to be able to override Apple’s home row, as I just don’t use Music on my iPhone as much as Apple thinks I should. However, because Apple wants Mail and Safari to be easily accessible, I don’t see them letting us control that anytime soon.

You can see that iPhoneSoft also wants multitasking as much as we do. Having two windows at the same time (Safari and Facetime are pictured above) would be great for getting more work done or more easily accessing the entertainment you want. I’d love the ability to keep NHL GameCenter open for live score updates while I’m texting someone, checking Twitter, or proofreading AppleTell posts.

As before, these are just concepts. Neither we nor iPhoneSoft make any suggestion (at least I think they don’t) that this is the way Apple is going. But if they would go this way, there are some ideas here worth getting excited about.

Thanks for the tip, Eric!

Via [iPhoneSoft]

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