STM Marquee iPad Mini case review

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Provides: Protection for iPad Mini
Developer: STM
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $79.99
Availability: Now

I’ve recently been using a new case for iPad mini: the Marquee iPad mini case from STM. The Marquee case provides a sleek and protective wrap for your iPad Mini by way of its premium leather material.

It also has pretty much everything you’ll be looking for in an iPad case. This includes auto on/off front cover, easy access to the iPad Mini’s ports and control buttons, and a foldable front cover that serves as viewing stand.

STM Marquee iPad Mini case review

In addition to these standard features, the case also has a loop at the back of the cover that can hold a stylus. Perfect for if you can’t live without using a stylus on your iPad Mini.

One thing you’ll love about this case is the fact that it does not add too much bulk to your iPad mini. This is one of my major criteria when choosing cases, and the STM Marquee won’t make your iPad appear to thick despite the polycarbonate plastic that holds it.

Speaking of this frame, it snugly fits the iPad mini, and the steady hold gives you an assurance that your mini won’t easily fall off.

You’ll also love the case’s soft premium leather which is very nice to hold.

STM Marquee iPad Mini case review

Finally, for those who do not want to make their device heavier because of the case, the STM Marquee weighs a mere 0.3 lbs.

The STM Marque iPad mini case is available in white, blue, black and pink. It retails for $79.99 on

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STM Marquee iPad Mini case

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