Dance Dance Revolution escalates to full scale war on iOS

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Dance Dance Revolution Dance WarsDoes everyone remember the Dance Dance Revolution of the late ’90s? Are they still teaching that in history class? Ends up the revolution was never quelled, and the party rebels have now taken the fight to iPhone and iPod touch with the Konami funded DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars.

Through the GREE Platform, DDR Dance Wars features social elements to engage fans both old and new.

Players can pick up to three members from their Dance Crew and challenge rivals in a Dance Battle with collectibles at stake. Crew members can also earn Respect Points by cooperating with each other. The points can then be used to upgrade skills and obtain consumable items. Players can also take part in Battle Events to fight against bosses for a chance to unlock rewards. Ultimate dance fans who wish to compete solo can also clear Mission stages for a chance to receive new content.

It looks like that content can also be bought, as DDR Dance Wars features bags, boxes, pouches and chests of DDRcoins that can be purchased in-app.

There is no word on whether you’ll be able to find and battle that one guy at the mall arcade who always misread just how impressed passers by with his DanceDanceRevolution skills, which was somewhere between “not very” and “I swear that guy must never leave this place.”

DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars is a free download available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

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