R300 Ferrari headphones with active noise cancellation added to Scuderia Collection

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What’s faster than a speeding Enzo, more powerful than a Ferrari/Maserati V12, and gets better MPG? Well, maybe not the new R300 Ferrari headphones, but they certainly look the part and pack active noise cancellation so you can eliminate unwanted background noise (like the hum of passing mass-produced cars). Just announced, these new cans look to pack a serious audio punch with a liberal helping of Ferarri-inspired style, for on-ear headphones that both look and sound good.

Ferrari Headphones

Highly Logical

Logic3 is the designer of the Ferrari-branded audio products, and their goal is to deliver the audio performance equivalent of a Ferrari automobile. The R300 is part of the Scuderia Ferrari Collection, which features a full range of in-ear and on-ear headphones, as well as iPod/iPhone speaker docks. These products are inspired by and reflect the aesthetic style of the Ferrari F1 team, where competition and the drive for technical excellence rule.

As part of this collection, the R300s feature machined metal arms and a bold red racing stripe accents on the pentagonal ear cups and head pad. Black perforated metal covers the outside of the earcups, vaguely reminiscent of a car grill, while the Ferrari shield is centered on the earcups—branding is clearly front and center.

Ferrari Headphones

Audio Specs

The R300 are closed-back, on-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation to help minimize the intrusion of background noise, assisted by the closed-back earcups and over-ear design that help block external noise. The noise cancellation is battery-powered, so you will need to keep a charger or some spare batteries. 40 mm drivers deliver sound in the earcups, and the cable incorporates a three button inline remote with microphone for controlling music playback or taking calls. Portability is also considered, as the headphones feature hinged arms and come with a zippered carrying case.

Ferrari Headphones

Available in either black or white, the R300 are priced at $350.

Check out full details of the R300 headphones at the Ferrari by Logic3 site. Just make sure to turn off the noise cancellation when you hear the throaty growl of an approaching Ferrari.

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