STM Skinny iPad mini case review

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Provides: Protection and display for iPad Mini
Developer: STM
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

Those of you who prefer a sleek and thin case for your iPad mini that still provides adequate protection from accidental bumps or drops will want to check out the STM Skinny iPad mini case. For review, we received the “berry” variant, which is actually red with a very dark red hue. After placing my iPad Mini in the Skinny, I have to admit that it’s one pretty sleek-looking case.

STM Skinny iPad Mini Case

The Skinny has a hard shell back to hold your iPad mini and a front flap that protects the screen from scratches and external abuse. The flap also serves as a foldable stand for varying the viewing angle of your iPad Mini.

STM Skinny iPad Mini Case

You’ll hardly notice the difference in the thickness of your iPad mini with and without the case; the thickness is almost the same. Yet you can also rest easy knowing that the case’s hard shell back has a soft lining that ensures your iPad mini will not be scratched by the case itself.

The rest of the features of STM’s Skinny case are pretty much standard amongst iPad cases, including easy access to ports and the control buttons. The case also has a loop closure which adds some more protection and security.

STM Skinny iPad Mini Case The STM Skinny case for iPad mini is available now from various resellers and online stores.

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STM Marquee iPad Mini case

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