Seen @ Macworld/iWorld 2013: π iPhone mount

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Seen @ Macworld is Appletell’s column highlighting our experiences at the recent Macworld/iWorld Expo. Appletell stopped by several booths that featured interesting products; some were longtime pillars of Macworld with updates to established products, many were new companies showing innovative and exciting product for the first time, and a few featured accessories, apps, and products we didn’t even know we needed before we hit the Moscone West show floor. Here we feature buzz from the show floor and details of our conversations with the makers, inventors, and companies whose products were on display. Be sure to check out our coverage of other exhibitors from Macworld/iWorld 2013.

On display at Macworld 2013 were many app+accessory bundles with complex functionality and impressive features. Equally impressive, however, were the simple items that solve one problem and solve it very well, much like the π Mount does. With instructions that can be summed up in three simple pictographs, the π Mount (or, more Google friendly, pi Mount) offers you a simple and convenient way to easily mount your iPhone or iPad Mini out of the way while charging.

Floor Exercises

Appletell discovered the π Mount at the Henge Docks booth, along with another simple solution product called Buoy Tags. Just like Henge’s docks and Buoy’s tags, the π Mount exists to solve a frequent problem related to our electronics-dominated lifestyle. In the case of π Mount, that problem is where to put your iPhone when charging it, whether you’re at home, on the road, or just need to quickly plug in at a friend’s house, the office, etc. The review unit was quickly installed on a plug in my kitchen, as it slides right over Apple’s charger, and has remained there ever since holding my phone on a daily basis (as a bonus, I find myself returning the phone to the π Mount after using it, so it gets lost less often).

Born out of the realization that an iPhone charging on the floor is highly vulnerable to a nasty demise, the π Mount boosts your charging experience by placing a sturdy cradle on top of your iPhone/iPad Mini charger, where you can lay your iPhone or iPad Mini while it’s charging. Because it’s basically just a tray, it also accommodates most iPhone/iPad cases, providing additional flexibility without the need to remove your case.

An Elevated Point of View

While it’s obvious that getting your iPhone off the floor is advantageous, the π Mount is useful in other scenarios as well. If you plug in your iPhone in the kitchen, spills and splatters on the counter can lead to a fatally-moistened iPhone. But with a π Mount safely cradling your iPhone above the outlet it’s plugged into, your iPhone is safe from most spills and you get some extra counter space back. The device remains readily accessible, so if a call or message comes in you can easily grab your phone and replace it when finished, and depending on the location of your kitchen outlets it can even make a decent stand for holding your iPad Mini-based recipe book.

Travelers frequently find themselves with inaccessible plug options in older hotels, with no nearby furniture on which to rest a charging  iPhone. With a π Mount, you make your own holder wherever you find a plug, keeping your device off the ground (germaphobes rejoice) and away from the threat of being stepped on. Find that the only available plug is in the bathroom? Not a problem, as you can keep your phone off the counter and away from the threat of splashes from the sink. The π Mount is especially useful in the airport, where you have the added danger of getting your iPhone run over by a wheeled suitcase as you huddle on the floor next to an open outlet.

At $9 (not a misprint, nine bucks) with free shipping, π Mount is easily one of the best enhancements for iPhone charging ever. Available at, this ingenious little cradle will get your iPhone out of harm’s way while it’s charging

Be sure to check out our coverage of other exhibitors from Macworld / iWorld 2013.

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