Arcane Legends expansion released, AppleTell-exclusive weapon found

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Arcane Legends expansion Kraken Isles

Spacetime Studios released their fantasy co-op RPG Arcade Legends a few months ago, and it quickly won me over despite my general indifference for MMOs. Fans of the game will be happy to know Spacetime has just released the Arcane Legends expansion Kraken Isles, which adds not only “mythical pirate peril,” but a special weapon being made available exclusively for AppleTell readers.

Along with the new adventure areas, the expansion includes a level cap raise, new pet types, new rarity items to be found, and more.

Players will experience swashbuckling adventure as they battle the bloodthirsty fish monster pirates, known as the Aegir. The warring factions of the Aegir have recently been unified by the cold-hearted Captain Bloodhammer, causing a threat to every lad and lassie from the Isles to mainland Arlor! The back story of the Rogue class, a daughter of the Kolga seafaring people, will also be revealed.

Arcane Legends Kraken Isles features:

  • Level cap raised 5 levels to 26
  • New Kraken Isles adventure areas
  • Travel by ship
  • Added pirate Aegir foes and bosses
  • Pirate themed armor and weapons to collect
  • New Mythic and Arcane rarity items – the most powerful ever!
  • Season 3 of the Leaderboards
  • Pets now available in Player vs. Player combat
  • Additional Achievements
  • New pets to collect, including the Toucan and Monkey

Arcane Legends is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as online play via Chrome.

Arcane Legends expansion Kraken Isles

But now to the good stuff—the exclusive weapon for AppleTell readers. To get it:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded Arcane Legends, of course, and created your character.
  2. Play through the introductory area.
  3. Once you’ve entered the town of Windmoore (you’ll see other people running around) tap on the chat window to open up the chat interface.
  4. Enter promo code appletellkraken.

That should do it. Use it well, and remember to obey the local concealed carry laws…which in Arlor are likely to be pretty loose.

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  • akshay

    I play this game 28 hrs without taking rest ..still i not get a single pet which can be obtain through quests