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OK MIB fans, it looks like Jeff has moved out of the subway. The bad news is he is hungry and headed your way.

What is it?

Here’s the scene—you’re a space miner and a giant worm is eating its way through, well, everything, and you seem to be the next dish on the menu. You might want to run away now.

Worm Run

Worm Run is an action platformer with the ever popular “keep moving so you stay alive” motivation. As you run along, try to collect as many Gruby gems as possible. You can use these to buy tools and power-ups.

Worm Run

How does it work?

The game play is about as simple as it can get; simply swipe the screen in whatever direction you want to travel. Be careful to touch the walls every now and then, as they recharge your booster fuel for your jet pack.

As for the look and sound of the game, they are not bad. The graphics are clean but the details are all but lost on the small iPod Touch screen; there are too many tiny obstacles which require delicate maneuvering, which is a bit frustrating when you’re running for your life.

Worm Run

The game will also provide some help along the way like a bomb to slow the worm down or spring loaded shoes to help you bounce higher and faster. Just touch the power-up to activate it, but don’t take too long to touch it or you’re lunch.

Is it contagious?

I’m ambivalent on this one. The controls are pretty easy but the challenge is a bit too hot and heavy early on. Also, to survive for very long takes notable help from the power-ups which will cost dearly in Grubys which translates into lots of level grinding or in-app purchases)

The format is a classic formula—keep running to survive and collect goodies along the way. No real issues there. If you like runner/obstacle course game, Worm Run is an interesting version that provides a severe challenge. If you are in doubt, it’s not too hard to keep looking.

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