Appidemic: Bird Jumper for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Hermes you are not. No wings on your shoes, but you can jump up off the back of a passing bird. Neat trick.

What is it?

Bird Jumper is a simple timing game. A balloon lifts you into the sky then pops and you start to freefall, albeit rather slowly. As you go along you’ll need to time your drops so you can jump up from the back of a passing bird. Don’t worry, the birds don’t seem too disgruntled by this, they just keep on flying.

Bird Jumper

Each bird you jump off will send you a little bit higher. There are a few aids to help you gain altitude—like a propeller beanie and a pogo stick—but there is really no goal other than to stay aloft and go higher.

Bird Jumper

How does it work?

The game play is about as simple as possible; tap the screen anywhere to make your character dive onto the back of bird so you can jump and gain altitude.

The look is relaxing with a sky which changes color, white silhouettes of you and the birds, stylized clouds and sun—a bit artsy, but not really interesting.

Bird Jumper

The background sound is a soothing piano soundtrack, but it sounds a bit generic and wishy-washy (a bit like the void-filling musical wash from ’90s sci-fi).

Is it contagious?

There is some challenge to the game play; the game won’t provide you with an over abundance of birds to jump on so you need to take your chances as they come. Any miss means you plummet to the earth, but you simply start over with a new balloon.

Unfortunately, this game got boring fast for me. At only $0.99 it doesn’t hurt to try it out, but I put this one down pretty quickly.

Category: Games
Seller: Spool
Cost: $0.99
Download: Bird Jumper

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