Targus Stylus for iPad & Smart Cover review

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Despite its name, the Targus Stylus for iPad & Smart Cover can be used with any touchscreen device, with or without a Smart Cover. If you do have a Smart Cover, your stylus can be color coordinated since it comes in six colors that match perfectly.

Targus Stylus for iPadThere are two general types of styli—ones with fine tips that are meant for writing, and ones with round tips that are designed for tapping. The Targus Stylus is in the latter category, and it does the job well. Sure, you can use it for writing but its grip and large tip make it hard to see what you’re doing.

However, the rounded tip is perfectly designed for tapping, with just the right firmness to give good feedback without being too firm or too soft. The lightweight hollow construction is sturdy and has withstood a year of regular use and being tossed around in my backpack, so you don’t have to treat it with kid gloves.

The Targus Stylus comes with a pocket clip and a ring for attaching it to your key ring.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive stylus for tapping on your touchscreen device, the Targus Stylus for iPad & Smart Cover is a good buy.

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Provides: Touchscreen input
Developer: Targus
Minimum Requirements: Any touchscreen device
Price: $14.99
Availability: Now

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