olloclip iPod touch 5th generation adapter now available

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It would be an understatement to say Appletell loves the olloclip; we’ve reviewed successive generations designed for both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, and we were delighted to see the company not only back at Macworld this year but taking a much larger booth that generated lots of interest from the crowd.


Thanks to a new adapter, owners of the 5th generation iPod Touch can now get access to ōlloclip’s 3-in-1 lenses offering additional perspectives, magnification, and alternate fields of view for their device’s camera.


The ōlloclip concept is simple: the reversible clip houses three lenses, and you simply line up the chosen lens with your iPhone/iPod’s camera lens. The lenses offer precision ground optics and unique perspectives, and given that Apple is clearly targeting point-and-shoot cameras with the inclusion of a wrist strap on the new iPod Touch, it’s nice to have access to accessories that broaden artistic possibilities.

With the adapter, iPod Touch owners get access to all three of ōlloclip’s lens options, which include:

  • Fisheye Lens, which offers an extreme 180° field-of-view
  • Wide Angle Lens, which nearly doubles the field of view offered by the iPod Touch’s camera (and compensates for the sensor crop when shooting video)
  • Macro Lens, which gives you roughly 10x multiplication and is accessible by unscrewing the Wide Angle lens

What should I buy?

Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 versions of the ōlloclip are for sale in the company’s online store, and if you buy the full ōlloclip you get the iPod Touch adaptor free in the box. 4th gen iPod touch owners should buy the iPhone 4S version of ōlloclip, while 5th gen owners should buy the iPhone 5 version of the ōlloclip. Unsure which model you have? If it’s got a bright colorful back, you’re rocking the latest (5th gen) version.

The ōlloclip retails for $70, and is available in black, red, or white.


Existing ōlloclip users can buy the adapters separately. iPhone 4s/iPod Touch 4th gen and iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5th gen adapters are $10 for a two pack, and are available through ōlloclip’s online store.

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