A Valley Without Wind 2 launches on Steam for Mac and PC

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A Valley Without Wind 2

A Valley Without Wind 2, an old school platform adventure with a robust turn-based strategy portion, is now available on Steam for Mac and PC. Until February 25th you can save 25% off the original price of $14.99, which also includes the original game for free.

Your character is a mage who has infiltrated the inner circle of the evil Demonaica, and you now share the power of immortality that he uses to terrorize the land. Using this power against him, it’s time to lead an uprising and ultimately bring him and his henchmen back to mortality so that they can be dispatched. Your immortality came at great personal cost, but it makes you the one last hope of saving the world from darkness.

Gameplay alternates between two modes that complement each other—brief, tightly-designed platforming segments where your character customization and equipment can be customized to meet the tactical needs of the current stage, and quick strategic turns on the world map where you order your troops to fight, scavenge, build, recruit, farm, and use special powers. You choose how and where to explore via the world map, how to upgrade your character via mage classes, feats, and perks that you unlock, and how to battle the forces of evil every step of the way.

A Valley Without Wind 2 features:

  • Platforming and Turn-Based Strategy Coupled Together — Flip back and forth between your own adventure, and the progress of the resistance you’re in charge of. Freely adjust difficulty levels for both to tailor the experience to your own personal playstyle. Both sides of the game can be quite easy or incredibly hard.
  • More Tactile Combat — The physics of movement and attacks have been completely redone from the first title, with more traditional gamepad and keyboard support. Spells have mass and can block each other, leading to many interesting tactical situations in the platforming segments.
  • Vastly Improved Visuals — Fully redone artwork by Heavy Cat Studios, including 125 all-new monsters, 200 spells, and lots more.
  • Focused Gameplay Arc — Unlike the endless sandbox-style first game, this complete re-imagining has a distinct beginning, middle, and end.
  • Procedurally Generated Worlds — Each world is a unique challenge, leading to excellent replay value once you do beat the game!
  • Co-Op Multiplayer — Bring along as many friends as you like on your journey, depending on your connection speed. 2-8 players recommended on most Internet connections; many more on LAN.
  • See Just How Deep An Arcen-style Rabbit-Hole Goes — After dozens of hours you still haven’t seen it all: 50 mage classes in 5 tiers, 200 spells, 125 enemies, 14 biomes, 100+ types of world map tiles, 64 character customization perks, 100ks of procedural equipment possibilities.
  • Extra Challenges For Expert Players — String together flawless kills to earn “concentration” and become even stronger. Beat the game on harder difficulties to earn rare achievements.
  • Get The Original Game For Free! — The original game was unique and experimental, and it comes included absolutely free when you buy the sequel.

If you like the music in this trailer, you can buy the soundtrack through Bandcamp. The standard OST is $5 for 12 songs, and the extended edition with an extra 36 songs is $10.

A Valley Without Wind 2 is available now on Steam for Mac and PC for $14.99 ($11.24 until February 25th).

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