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The Auris—succesfully launched on Kickstarter last year—exists to transform your iPod or iPhone speaker dock into a Bluetooth streaming speaker. With the demise of the 3o-pin Dock Connector, many of us are left with expensive or customized speakers and no way (other than unsightly cables) to connect their iDevices, while others simply prefer the convenience of wirelessly sending tunes regardless of the devices involved.—an online marketplace exclusively for Kickstarter-backed products—has just announced availability of the Auris for purchase via their online store.

The Auris Bluetooth receiver

The Main Show

The Auris’ main feature is its ability to augment your existing 30-pin Dock Connector device with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. This is useful for a number of reasons. First, you can now get music from your Lightning-equipped devices (iPhone 5, iPad Mini, etc.) to your speakers, and second, you can also get music to your speakers even if your iDevice doesn’t fit in the dock—hello iPad streaming! The device itself is only only slightly thicker than an iPhone 5, so it should fit into virtually any Dock-equipped device.

This capability lets you retain your existing speaker setup even as you buy new devices, or it can free your existing devices, so you can stream tunes from your iPhone without the need to permanently station it in the dock. The Auris includes an Aux port and rechargeable internal battery, so you can use it to augment virtually any speaker/audio device with Bluetooth streaming abilities.

Additional Features

Not just a Bluetooth streamer, the Auris has a host of other features that make your existing speakers and devices more useful. Highlights include:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX for high-quality sound, lower power consumption, and pairing with up to eight devices.
  • Powered by your Dock connection, the Auris’ internal battery can also power the device through up to 12 hours of use. With the Aux out jack, you can basically Bluetooth-enable any device you want.
  • Onboard buttons let you change volume and control playback at the speaker.
  • Built-in Mic lets you turn any speaker into a speakerphone.

The Auris Bluetooth receiver

The Auris is available in Piano Black or Arctic White, and retails on for $50.

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