X-Doria Dash Folio iPad mini case review

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Provides: Protection for iPad Mini
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPad Mini
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

Amongst the several X-Doria cases we’ve reviewed so far, the Dash Folio iPad Mini case is my favorite. This is because it’s the classiest and most elegant of the iPad mini folio cases that I’ve seen, touched and used. There’s really nothing spectacular about Dash Folio’s features, but its multi-layer front jacket with subtle embossed-front accent is certainly appealing.

X-Doria dash folio ipad mini case

The front jacket is not only a pleasure to hold and grasp due to its soft, quality leather material, but it protects your iPad from scratches and smears. Inside the Dash Folio case, a soft plastic frame enclosure securely grabs your iPad Mini and keeps in intact without fear of your beloved tablet falling out. Another good thing about this frame is that the back part is designed with big holes providing adequate ventilation whenever the iPad Mini becomes too hot due to usage.

x-doria dash folio ipad mini case

Like many other cases, the Dash Folio provides multiple stand positions for viewing photos, watching movies or playing games. For those who are particular about the automatic on/off feature, this case has a magnetic component that supports it.

x-doria dash folio ipad mini case

That’s pretty much what can be said about the X-Dorio Dash Folio iPad mini Case, other than that it’s available in two color variants: black and brown.

Those of you who prefers your iPad Mini case to be more business-like, this iPad Mini case is definitely for you.

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Dash Folio iPad Mini Case

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  • Robby

    Taste is so idiosyncratic. It looks old, dated to us.

    Real leather? Just think about the animals that died.

    Aesthetics? Looks 1890s or 1940s and skeuomorphic. Blah!

    Oh, well. De gustibus non est disputandum! :-)