BookBook case for 15″ Retina MacBook Pro now available

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TwelveSouth has converted many an iDevice into a vintage leatherbound book, and with the just-announced BookBook for Retina MacBook Pro, the company is inviting some Apple’s newest members of the family to the party. Designed for both protection and stealth, the BookBook cover offers padding and a disguise to keep your Retina MacBook Pro safe.

BookBook for 15" Retina MacBook Pro


TwelveSouth’s entire product line is Apple-focused, with cases, chargers, and accessories designed to match, protect, or enhance your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. The BookBook cases are designed to mimic a vintage leatherbound book, with hand distressing and spine details that clearly set these apart from more ultramodern designs. Apart from the zipper pulls, the BookBook looks for all intents and purposes like an old book (though when you wrap a 15″ MacBook in a case it does look like you’re lugging around a coffee table art book). The disguise can be useful if your MacBook is left out in public view, as it looks less like a high value computer and more like an old book—who wants to steal that?


The BookBook case can be used as a regular sleeve for transporting your Retina MacBook, or you can use the built-in elastic bands to hold the BookBook to the corner of your MacBook, effectively turning it into a case.

BookBook for 15" Retina MacBook Pro

The BookBook features dual hardback covers to prevent dents and scratches to your MacBook’s shell, while reinforced corners and a cushioned spine offer protection from light bumps and impact. Inside the case is a soft touch velvet material backed up with padding; combined with the hardback case this should make a stable surface and help keep your lap cool if you really crank up  your MacBook’s processor or GPU on a regular basis.

BookBook cases for iPhone, iPad, and Macbook are available from TwelveSouth’s website. The newly announced case designed to fit the 15″ Retina MacBook Pro goes for $80.

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