Five-year-old kid spends $2,500 (£1,700) on in-app purchases

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Who can resist those round blue eyes and sweet smile? Five-year-old Danny didn’t need to beg so he could play his favorite games on the iPad; daddy graciously handed over his tablet and was clueless of what would happen next.

Danny Kitchen of Bristol, England ended up spending the U.S. equivalent of $2,500 on in-app purchases, and the rest was history (or at least Saturday afternoon news).

Danny Kitchen In-app purchases

From the report at TUAW:

The BBC ran a story today about 5-year-old Danny Kitchen of Bristol, England, who ran up a £1,700 (about US$2,500) bill in iTunes after his dad entered his passcode to allow Danny download a free iPad game from the App Store.

Smart dad, eh?

While Danny only spent about 15 minutes playing with the game, that was long enough for him to repeatedly tap an in-app purchase button and rack up a string of £69.99 (about $105) charges. Mum and Dad received emails from the iTunes App Store the next day itemizing the purchases, but they figured that the charges were an error and ignored them.

Apparently, the parents found out that the purchases were real. Thankfully, Apple was reportedly helpful enough to provide the Kitchens a full refund.

Parents, if you want to safeguard your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch against accidental in-app purchases, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and turn them off before handing the device over to the kids. After all, you’ve got that college tuition to save for, right?

Via [TUAW]

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  • Troy

    Oh no! One more reason to be very careful when allowing children to handle your idevices. Damage to the device, and newly downloaded apps can be pretty pricey when initiated by a youngster!