Escape into the woods, then escape the woods, with Hybris for Mac and PC

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Indie game developer Monsters has announced Hybris, a psychological puzzle/platform thriller about a boy trying to survive after entering the forest to escape his parents’ fight. I’m looking forward to the game if only to find out what his parents were arguing about. Maybe about whether they should build a fence to prevent their kid from fleeing into the forest every time they have a fight about building a fence?


The world of Hybris is dangerous, claustrophobic and frightening. You will play the most important night of Kevin’s life and discover how far you would go to survive; and that some truths should remain hidden.

Hybris is the first chapter of a trilogy, and is scheduled to be released for PC & Mac in Q2 2013. Additional platforms will soon be announced. That’s pretty much all we know from the press release, other than that the game’s music is being composed by Grammy nominated Austin Wintory (of Journey (not the band, the game) fame).


For more images from the game (including the rather creeping looking kid), visit

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