Capsized+ available now for iPad, other platforms to follow

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Capsized +

You know, it’s a good thing human blood is universal, as it would be most inconvenient to hostile alien races if they weren’t able to sup on our flesh after we crash land on their planet. Which, when you think about it, is a rather bizarre leap to make. I’m quite certain when aliens land on earth again, our first response won’t be, “Let’s eat that.”

Anyway, that’s what’s happening in Capsized+. You play as a space traveler whose ship has crash landed on a beautiful but perilous alien planet with bloodthirsty creatures who don’t take kindly to your accidental intrusion. You must save your crew members and escape alive with little help beyond your grappling hook, jet pack, space-age weapons and power-ups.

Capsized+ includes:

  • Particle Packed Weapons: Sure, the grappling hook is pretty dern useful but you create awesomely explosive destruction with weapons including the Plas-Mortar, Ion Repeater, Nano-Caster and the Quasar Array (and make friggin’ black holes!).
  • Campaign Mode: Test your mettle against nasty baddies in thirteen levels with lush and varied terrains.
  • Three Arcade Modes: Fight endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode, grab oxygen to survive Last Gasp Challenges or test your survival skills in the weapons-free Armless Mode.
  • GameCenter Achievements: Prove your intergalactic survival skills by earning all twelve achievements.
  • Lush Environments:Enjoy strange and amazing landscapes illustrated in a unique, hand-drawn style.
  • Intense Gameplay: Test your constitution with more than twenty hours of heart-throbbing, thumb-busting action.

Capsized+ is available now for iPad (US $2.99), and is currently being developed for Android devices. Mac, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live ports will be available later this year.

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