Seen @ Macworld/iWorld 2013: Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 for Mac

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Seen @ Macworld is Appletell’s column highlighting our experiences at the recent Macworld/iWorld Expo. Appletell stopped by several booths that featured interesting products; some were longtime pillars of Macworld with updates to established products, many were new companies showing innovative and exciting product for the first time, and a few featured accessories, apps, and products we didn’t even know we needed before we hit the Moscone West show floor. Here we feature buzz from the show floor and details of our conversations with the makers, inventors, and companies whose products were on display. Be sure to check out our coverage of other exhibitors from Macworld/iWorld 2013.

In a world dominated by touchpads, the humble mouse receives little attention. Yet it is still a day to day reality for so many of us, and can be an often painful point of interaction with our computers. Evoluent was at Macworld 2013 with their Vertical Mouse 4 for Mac, an ergonomically designed mouse that offers a 90º twist on conventional mice, promoting a more relaxed and comfortable pointing experience.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Although it looks a little weird at first, after just a few minutes your mousing becomes more intuitive and much more pleasant, since your arm is aligned in a more natural posture.

Comfy Like a Handshake

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse literally twists your arm by taking a conventional mouse (with buttons on top) and turning it on its side. Imagine a regular mouse rotated so it’s perpendicular to your desk, so your hand is also perpendicular to the desk rather than lying flat on it. This is what Evoluent calls the arm neutral grip, and it’s the same comfortable grip your arm naturally assumes when you go to shake hands. The Vertical Mouse puts your hand and forearm back in a more natural position, rather than forcing you to twist your hand and forearm as a traditional mouse does.

Anyone with a repetitive stress injury from mousing will want to check out the Vertical Mouse, as its unique design encourages the use of the entire arm for mousing, rather than the constrained wrist motions a traditional mouse requires.

Speed Up and Click

Not simply an overturned mouse, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse also features six programmable buttons, a scroll wheel, and on-mouse tracking speed adjustment. Rather than mucking around in settings, you can simply click up the tracking speed to help you power across a massive spreadsheet, or click it down to make delicate movements easier. An LED indicator shows the chosen tracking speed and indicates a low battery; the Vertical Mouse runs on AA batteries via Bluetooth, so your desk’s aesthetics are improved along with your ergonomics. All the buttons are easily placed so they fall under your fingers, while the mouse’s flared bottom edge provides a comfortable resting place for your pinky so it doesn’t drag along your mousepad or desk.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Available exclusively through the Apple Store, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 goes for $99.95. Evoluent also sells smaller sized and left-handed versions of the mouse directly through their own site, where you can also get more information regarding ergonomics and proper mouse/computer usage.

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