Mac Backup Guru for OS X review

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Provides: File backup/syncing
Format: Digital download
Developer: MacDaddy
Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 3.4MB disk space
Price: $39
Availability: Out Now

Traditional disk backup methods include cloning (reliable, but time-consuming) or file-syncing (faster, but not foolproof).

Mac Backup Guru for OS X is a file backup utility that claims to combine the best of both methods in one user-friendly app that can easily and quickly produce a backup disk upon which Mac users can rely. With a single Start button, the user can sync the contents of any source with a backup destination via the Finder.

mac backup guru

If you select disk volumes in HFS format rather than individual folders to back up to and from, Mac Backup Guru disk backups of startup drives will be bootable.

Subsequently, if the program detects any Mac Backup Guru disk backups of startup drives inconsistency between any files, the source file version will replace the outdated destination file. While an initial cloning backup run can take a long time, depending on the volume of data to be backed up, subsequent update syncs take minutes instead of hours.

While a full clone disk backup requires that the entire contents of the source disk to overwrite the entire contents of the Destination drive. Updating your initial backup via sync requires that only actual changes made to files since the last backup overwrite the appropriate part of the Destination drive.

Backup via sync does require an initial backup clone run, but all subsequent backups can be synced, which will ignore the vast majority of files that remain the same on the Source and destination disks respectively, changing only files that have been modified or added since the last sync. It’s an intelligent backup method comparable to MPEG video compression, in which only differences between successive frames are recorded (until a new I-frame).

The developers—Breckenridge, Colorado-based MacDaddy—say Mac Backup Guru employs advanced algorithms to ensure the synced backup maintains a level of data integrity equal to that following the initial clone. This objective is achieved through applying simple logic in the process, with three basic rules being followed:

  1. If the size of the file on the Source is different from that on the Destination, the file has changed.
  2. If the modification time on the Source is different from than on the Destination, the file has changed.
  3. If the file has changed, the program will replace the one on the destination media with the updated file from your source disk

They claim this method can be depended upon to produce perfectly-synced destination disks that will always boot up reliably and perform like the original. Use over periods of time would be required in order to confirm that, but it sounds highly plausible.

Using Mac Backup Guru is indeed simple. The icon on the left of the user interface window is labeled “Select Source,” with a directional arrow pointing to another icon window on the right labeled “Select Destination.” After selecting a source and destination, you just click the Backup button and let Mac Backup Guru do its stuff automatically.

mac backup guru

In my testing, Mac Backup Guru worked as advertised, and certainly upheld its easy-to-use claims. It’s an elegantly simple piece of software, and my only major criticism is that $39.00 for any one-trick-pony utility seems a bit steep in this day of apps with single-digit dollar values. For that reason, Mac Backup guru gets a 3 out of 5 rating, that would be 4 out of 5 price-independent.

However, convenience, ease of use, and reliability do have value, so whether this program offers enough to justify its price is a determination you’ll have to make.

A free, fully functional demo is available.

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Mac Backup Guru review

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