Appidemic: Cling! for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Want more aliens with tentacles? Meet Edgar in Cling!

What is it?

In Cling, you need to navigate our hero around and get him to the transporter pad so he can get home. A finger tap and swipe is all you will need to do, but be sure you don’t lead our hero into a bad situation; the maze you need to navigate has its helps and hazards, including dead zones with nothing to cling to.


How does it work?

Tap and hold on Edgar, then move you finger in the direction you wish Edgar to travel. When you lift your finger from the screen, Edgar will let go and then inertia and gravity take over.

The look and sound of the game is okay, and you can purchase the ever-present power ups with tokens either earned in the game or purchased.


Is it contagious?

This game should be fun if you are playing it on an iPad. The game play is simple and the objectives are challenging (some of the patterns of movement will require a couple attempts to get it right).

However, the iPhone/iPod Touch screen is so small that merely touching Edgar with your finger will block enough of what you need to see to play. Given the $2.99 price tag I’ll say skip this one unless you are going to play on the larger screen devices.

Category: Games
Seller: First5Games
Cost: $2.99
Download: Cling!

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