Lenspen SmartKlear screen cleaner review

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Provides: Touchscreen cleaning to remove fingerprints, oil, and grime
Compatibility: Any smooth glass touchscreen
Price: $9.95 (or $14.95 for a bundle that includes two replacement pads
Availability: Now

AppleTell reviewed Lenspen’s SideKick screen cleaner after discovering the company at Macworld/iWorld 2012, and found one of the all time best screen cleaners available. Lenspen was back for Macworld this year, showing a product they’d recently launched at CES: the slimmer SmartKlear. Designed for smaller devices like iPhones and iPods, the SmartKlear brings the superlative Lenspen cleaning power to devices with smaller screens.

Honey, I Shrunk the Cleaner

In reviewing the SideKick last year I noted that it restores your iPad’s screen to that delightfully tactile, squeaky clean feeling it had when you first unboxed it. Unfortunately, the SideKick’s size made it impractical to use on your iPhone’s screen; because the Lenspen cleaning compound includes carbon, it leaves black smudges where it comes in contact with your fingers or a case bevel. Unless you could keep your iPhone still without holding it, cleaning your phone could easily become a messy affair.

Lenspen SmartKlear screen cleaner

The SmartKlear’s cleaning surface is about about 1/3 the size of the SideKick’s roughly one inch square, making it a nice rectangular shape that’s especially useful on the iPhone 5’s taller screen. A few passes of the SmartKlear will leave your screen totally devoid of fingerprints, grime, and oils, and you can even use it to clean the back of your iPhone 4/4S to remove fingerprints from the camera (don’t try it with the aluminum-backed iPhone 5, though). While there’s nothing particularly novel about the SmartKlear apart from its downsized dimensions, it is still easily the best screen cleaner available for the iPhone (just like its bigger brother).

In addition to greater compatibility with the iPhone, the SmartKlear’s smaller size lends itself to greater portability. While the SideKick is no behemoth, the SmartKlear is even easier to slip into a pocket or bag, which is especially useful if you’re using an iDevice in a professional setting where it needs to look its best throughout the day.

As with the original SideKick, the SmartKlear is simple to use; simply remove the cap and swipe it over your screen. Putting the cap back on cleans and recharges the cleaning pad, which is good for about 150 uses before it needs changing.

The SmartKlear alone is $9.95, while a bundle including two replacement pads is $14.95. Separate replacement pads should also be available soon from Lenspen’s website.

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