Tribal Wars comes to iPad

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Tribal WarsTribal Wars, a classic strategy game, now has a new iPad app. You can log into the same account and build your village on your iPad, iPhone, or browser.

Tribal Wars places the player as leader of a small village, striving for power and glory. In order to build a strong empire and conquer other villages, you have to find powerful allies and create a mighty tribe. Tribal Wars is one of the most popular browser-based games in the world, with 44 million registered users playing it in over 30 languages.

One of the new features in the iOS app is the ability to pre-register for worlds that haven’t started yet. This allows players to get an early jump on plans for domination and create a tribe with friends at the start of a new world.

Tribal Wars features:

  • Free to play.
  • Build and upgrade more than 15 unique buildings.
  • Raise an army by recruiting many different defense and offensive units.
  • Appoint a paladin and find mighty equipment.
  • Attack, plunder and conquer your opponents in real time while defending your kingdom against attackers—real PvP.
  • Band together with other players to form a tribe and declare war on your enemies.
  • Many different worlds with altered victory conditions.
  • Play via your smartphone or via your browser.

Download Tribal Wars for free at the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later.

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