ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case review

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Provides: Bluetooth keyboard input for iPad 2/3/4
Developer: ZAGG
Minimum Requirements: iPad 2/3/4
Price: $129.99
Availability: Now

Truth of the matter is that I like using my iPad for writing. There are OS limitations, yes, but when you’ve got a good iOS word processing app, the only thing preventing you from turning your iPad into a solid text cruncher is the lack of a good keyboard. ZAGG has solved that issue with their ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case, and they’ve done so with style.

ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

Before you bail on this review thinking you have no need for a physical iPad keyboard case, hold on a moment. Even if you’re not crunching text on a regular basis, there are still reasons you’d want to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard. For starters, when using one, your open app gets full use of the screen since no onscreen keyboard is necessary. On the somewhat small iPad, this is very important.

A bigger benefit may be the special command keys and the arrow keys. Being able to cut, copy, paste and move around text without having to touch the screen is a huge time saver, let alone more comfortable. There are even keys specifically assigned to start slideshows, turn the iPad on and off (you still have to swipe the screen to bypass the lock), search, return to the home screen, and more.

ZAGG brings its own set of benefits to the ZAGGkeys PROplus, as well. The brushed aluminum design perfectly complements the iPad itself, fitting over the screen and being held in place with magnets to create the illusion of a MacBook when closed.

ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

I feel there should be rubber stoppers there to prevent the back of the PROplus from getting scuffed up when sitting on a desk, but my colleague Aaron Kraus pointed out that rubber stoppers would make it harder to slip in and out of cases.

The keys are not quite full-sized, but are adequately spaced to provide for comfortable typing once you get used to it. They’re also backlit at three different levels (adjusted by tapping the special backlight key), and you can choose between seven different colors by holding the backlight key and tapping the arrow keys.

ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

The iPad is held in place via a slot just behind the keyboard that displays the iPad at comfortable view for typing. The single angle may not work for every situation, however, which is a drawback of using a keyboard case vs. a separate Bluetooth keyboard and a more adaptable iPad case. I found it perfect for working at a desk, but when I used it in the cramped seating of a recent flight, the angle was a bit off.

ZAGGkeys PROplus Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

Another drawback is that since the PROplus perfectly fits the latest iPad models, you risk losing its case capabilities if Apple changes the iPad form factor. The Bluetooth keyboard will still work, of course, but you may not be able to connect the two for transportation and protection purposes.

Still, the benefits of a Bluetooth keyboard—especially one that’s built right into a case—outweigh the negatives, and ZAGG has created a fantastic option with the ZAGGkeys PROplus. It fits the iPad well, it provides enhanced functionality, and it holds its charge for months before needing to be recharged via USB (depending upon use, of course). If you use the iPad more more than just gaming, reading and watching videos, you’re sure to like having the ZAGGkeys PROplus iPad keyboard case at your fingertips. Any remaining problems you have with the iPad will be entirely on Apple (and your expectation).

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ZAGGkeys PROplus review

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