Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Protection from scratches and scuffs
Developer: Fusion of Ideas
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5 (also available for the iPod, iPad, and others)
Price: $30
Availability: Available Now

Fusion of Ideas’ line of StealthArmor skins for iPhone, iPod, and iPad is well known for quality of protection from every day use. Sure, skins won’t protect your iDevices from falls or banging into things, but they’re great for protection from every day use without adding any unwanted bulk. We recently received the StealthArmor for iPhone 5 to see how well it works.


The complete StealthArmor for iPhone 5 kit includes a main skin for the back of the phone, a single piece to go around the sides, and a clear screen protector for the front, as well as the application solution, a cleaning cloth, and a small squeegee to smooth out everything.

Stealth Armor for iPhone 5

There is a large selection of finishes and colors for the back and side pieces, and we chose the carbon fiber finish for the back and blue for the side.


Knowing how well the StealthArmor has been received for the previous generations of iPhone, I had high expectations of how it would work on the iPhone 5.  Let’s first talk about the process of putting on the skin.

The front screen protector is no different from the other screen protectors on the market.  You will use the solution to wet down the protector while applying it to the front screen. Take your time lining it up; you may have to adjust to get it to lay down right, but it’s no more difficult than any other type of screen protector.

The back and side skins are more like large vinyl stickers; peel the backing off and then carefully line it up to place on the phone. Because of the precision cutouts for the rear camera and flash, it was much easier to line up around those first and then to lay out the back skin across the rest of the phone. Likewise for the side; if you start around the on/off button, you can then slowly work your way around without difficulty.

Stealth Armor for iPhone 5

After the back and side are in place, hit them with low heat from a hair dryer for a moment to strengthen the adhesion.


The screen protector that comes with the Stealth Armor for iPhone 5 offers slightly more coverage than the Zagg protector I had previously. The cutouts for the home button, speaker, and camera are more precise, which results in complete coverage of the screen an no exposed glass (the Zagg protector had larger cutouts, exposing the glass around the same areas). There is some “orange peel” with the Stealth Armor protector, but it doesn’t interfere with the clarity of the screen.

The skin for the back and side of the phone offers a nice matte and textured finish; that means no fingerprints to smudge up how it looks. The added texture offers better grip of the phone and still very comfortable to hold in your hand. Coverage is excellent on all sides. Being just a skin, there’s no added bulk, so you can very easily slip your iPhone 5 into pockets and not worry about it coming into contact with other objects.

Stealth Armor for iPhone

As far as skins go, the StealthArmor from Fusion of Ideas is a smart choice for everyday use and protection.  The mix and match choices of finishes also gives the iPhone 5 a very smart appearance.

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Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor for iPhone 5 Review

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