Free Apps Roundup for March 15, 2013

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Free AppsThis week on the Free Apps Roundup: It’s the day after Pi day, so you’re probably a little bummed that the Math and pastry based fun is over. I’m here to tell you that the fun—like the digits of pi—never ends. But if you’re looking for a change of pace, never worry, there are a ton of new free apps to be downloaded. Ever wanted to know what’s cool around you? Field Trip is an app that can tell you about your surroundings without you even asking. It runs in the background, waiting to tell you about interesting things you are near. Ever wanted to land an aircraft in horrible conditions? In MAYDAY, you’ll do just that. And if you’re a comic book nerd, you’ll definitely want to download Marvel’s Unlimited app, which allows you to access your Marvel Unlimited comics subscription from your iOS device!

The Top Three Free Apps:

  • MAYDAY! Emergency Landing – Face the most dangerous weather conditions plus aircraft failures as pilot of an aircraft. You’ll be trying to land your airplane in heavy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, and night landings. But that’s not all, you’ll have to deal with flap, gear, and engine problems. There are 5 scenarios, 4 types of landing surfaces and over 40 missions.
  • Field Trip – There’s probably a ton of history all around you and you’d never know it. But all that can change now. This app runs in the background, waiting until you happen to wander near somewhere interesting, at which point it can tell you all about it. You can learn about local history, the best places to eat, shop or have fun. There are numerous local feeds you can subscribe to, and the app can even read this info to you. Try it!
  • Marvel Unlimited – Did you watch Avengers last summer and realize that you haven’t been reading as many comics as you should have been? This app is free, but it requires a service subscription. That said, the number one feature that’s been missing from Marvel’s Unlimited service is a way to access the library of comics on an iOS device. This app does just that and six better. Why six? This app will not only give you access to Marvel’s every growing library of comics (with a subscription) it will let you download up to six at a time just incase you’re without an internet connection.

Free Apps:

  • Repix – Remix and repaint photos on your iPhone with brushes to make your photos stand out.
  • CBS – Watch full episodes of CBS shows on your iOS device with the official CBS app.
  • The Croods – From the creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, this game is based on an upcoming movie from DreamWorks. It’s a game about cavemen who are breaking out of the stone age with 10 evolutionarily mixed up creatures.
  • Danger Boat – Pilot your Danger Boat against an onslaught of rocks, icebergs, missiles, mine-launching submarines, waves, whirlpools, and more.

Free Apps for a Limited Time:

  • mPass – Have a hard time remembering your usernames and passwords? You might try this app, which encourages you to store all of your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information in one place, which is itself protected with a single password.
  • Little Things Forever – A unique and beautiful seek and find game for everyone. There are thousands of little things to find with beautiful artwork and a beautiful soundtrack.
  • Word Mess – A new kind of word game that will have you scrambling to find words in a mess of a word cloud.
  • UberStrike – A pure fast-paced multiplayer first person shooter in a sci-fi setting. Make your own hero in full 3D with tons of guns, armor, and maps.
  • My Laboratory – Our world is coming to an end, but you can take a ride on your very own rocket, complete with a tiny laboratory. You’ll be mixing elements to create 200 new ones. Can you create them all?
  • Downhill Bowling – Anyone can bowl down a straight lane of polished wood, but can you bowl down a hill? A hill that curves left and right? Race down slopes, charge ramps, and blast through pins while grabbing bombs, coins, speed-ups and more in this super fun semi-bowling games.
  • Angry Birds – This game needs no introduction. You should have it already, but if you don’t, you can get it now for free. Enjoy.
  • Angry Birds HD – The same, for iPad.
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