Appidemic: Castle Champions for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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It’s time to get medieval with your home renovation…Castle Champions style.

What is it?

Castle Champions is a combination building and combat strategy game. You start with a mostly empty castle and are directed to build certain rooms, train an army, entertain guests and patrons, and engage in combat with rivals to gain fortune and fame.

Castle Champions

You will need to build certain types of rooms to train for specific combat skills. It is also handy to have some money making areas like an oriental restaurant (the game actually picked that style – doesn’t quite fit a medieval European castle, though). Just like real life, you will need money to make improvements to your castle.

Castle Champions

Unlike real life, there are no pesky building permits required.

How does it work?

The game’s graphics are pretty good, even on the small iPhone/iPod Touch screen. The theme and premise are descent and controls are easy—the game is mostly tap to execute a command. However, there isn’t much in the way of tutorials, which would be a good idea since the game is replete with details and mundane activities such as ushering guests up the elevator (really?). Another slowing factor is that the X in the upper right corner of a few option screens didn’t work.

Castle Champions

Nobody likes getting stuck in a game.

Is it contagious?

Castle Champions has potential, but between the excessive management required for a lot of details, a beginning that merely involves tapping whatever the game says you should with little to no explanation of “what” and “how,” screens that don’t give you any options or leave you stuck, and an apparent need for a lot of gold and crystals (which, of course, you can purchase for more real money) this game will be very easy to put down.

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Seller: Gamenauts
Cost: Free
Download: Castle Champions

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