Appidemic: Crushin’ Robots – NYC for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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It looks like the zombies have outsourced the apocalypse horde to robots. Start shooting!

What is it?

crushin' robots

Crushin’ Robots is an action platformer pitting you and your nail gun against the robot invasion. From the top of your building, you start with three weapons: wrenches you can throw, propane tanks you can heave over the edge, and your trusty nail gun. As you gain points of scrap you can purchase upgrades to your weapons, new weapons and power-ups.

The object of the game is simple—kill robots and stay alive. If the robots climb to the top of the building you are standing on you will receive an electric shock. The first one will only stun you, the second one will kill you and the robots win (no pressure).

How does it work?

and the controls are simple. Tap to select the weapon you want to use, then touch the screen approximately where you would like to aim the weapon. Mercifully, when you are using the nail gun, the spot upon which your finger rests on the screen is just a little bit south of where the crosshairs will appear. This means you can actually see where you are aiming.

crushin' robots

The pace picks up to “challenging” at a respectable clip. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, you can use your power-ups with the tap of a button. They may not be quite as intimidating as the attendees at Sturgis, but these bikers seem to be getting the job done as well…

The graphics look pleasantly like a comic book, and the audio effects are okay.

Is it contagious?

Crushin’ Robots is a respectable and fun arcade style game. The only drawback is the rate at which you collect scrap for your upgrades.

All things considered, not a bad game; plenty of play time and descent action. Have fun!

Category: Games
Seller: Falling Objects Entertainment
Cost: Free
Download: Crushin’ Robots – NYC

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