Alien Hive busts open this week on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Alien Hive

Two things that are generally never pleasant to experience—aliens and hives—are combining to create a more fun time for iOS devices this Thursday with the release of Alien Hive, an evolving-aliens sliding-tile puzzle game. Developed by Appxplore (whom you know from Lightopus and Sporos), Alien Hive features a unique gameplay hook and watercolor pastel visuals.

Alien Hive offers unique gameplay, a hybrid of match-3 and sliding-tile puzzles that feels both fresh and familiar. Cleverly combine your resources to evolve your Aliens—combine eggs to hatch cute baby aliens, then help them grow big and strong by making matches and combos. Earn gold and energy for upgrades, with the goal of building the greatest Hive ever! It takes strategy to plan out moves and avoid the Naughty Bots—they will freeze your resources and block your movement. Destroy them quickly, or combine them to craft a powerful weapon… it’s your call. Grow your hive with cleverly crafted power-ups and super boost.

Alien Hive features:

  • Evolving-aliens puzzle gameplay: hybrid of match-3 and sliding tile puzzles makes a whole new genre
  • Combine plants for food, grow new species of aliens and zap the villainous Naughty Bots!
  • Chill out: pastel graphics and mellow soundtrack, with no time limit to harsh the vibe
  • Evolve up the food chain: collect and unleash dozens of Supreme Aliens
  • 70 Achievements to suit all styles of play
  • High Score and Achievements sharing on Facebook
  • Universal app for iPad & iPhone; also available on Android
  • iCloud & Game Center Support, with Scoreloop support on Android.

For more information on Alien Hive, visit

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