Geneva Model XS portable hi-fi system giveaway

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My birthday is at the end of this month, and I’d like to celebrate it this year with all of our AppleTell readers. I’d love to invite you all over for dinner, but since there’s no way my wife’s going cook a birthday meal for each of AppleTell’s unique visitors, how about we just give you a present instead? Something like the Geneva Model XS Bluetooth portable hi-fi system, valued at $249.95?

Actually, it’ll be exactly like the Geneva Model XS Bluetooth portable hi-fi system. A white one, in fact. This one.

Geneva Model XS Giveaway

You’ll have to supply your own iPad nano, of course.

Inspired by the classic travel clock, the Geneva Sound System Model XS comes in a sturdy leather-like clamshell case that flips open to deliver rich and detailed sound via Bluetooth, auxiliary input or the integrated digital FM tuner. Closed, it’s small enough to slip into any briefcase, making it a great option to serve as your traveling alarm clock and speaker system.

Geneva Model XS Giveaway

Before we get to the giveaway details, you may want to know:

  • The Geneva Model XS is the first hi-fi system to be integrated into a case designed for the travel lifestyle
  • Once opened, a compact yet powerful hi-fi system is revealed, with a digital amplifier and stereo speakers that play mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and a woofer capable of producing robust bass response below 80Hz
  • Features an integrated digital FM tuner and stereo Bluetooth playback for wirelessly streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones and tablets; 3.5mm line-in cable also included
  • Includes a water resistant leather wrapped clamshell case design that opens and closes for easy portability
  • Built with 2 tweeters, 1 square subwoofer, FM radio, alarm clock, DPS for optimized sound, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Retails for $249.95.

To enter for your chance to win, first read the Tell + Geneva Sound System Model XS Giveaway Official Rules. Then, since this is a birthday celebration, comment below to tell us the best birthday gift you’ve ever received. Mine were a hardbound print of my novel manuscript from my wife, and a shoehorn with teeth carved by AppleTell’s own Bill Stiteler. Let’s see how your loved ones have done, and we’ll draw one entry at random soon after the contest ends on March 29th to see if TechnologyTell and the good folks at Geneva Lab can top that with the Model XS.

Happy birthday!

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  • Jerry Lerouge

    The best birthday gift I ever received was an IPad

  • Scott M

    Last year I was visiting some friends in Italy over my birthday and they gave me a framed lithograph of the old village that I stay in when I’m there. It was pretty cool.

  • Anthony

    Almost 4 years ago, my girlfriend, who is now my wife, put an “engagement” ring in a balloon for my birthday. We were already engaged, I had asked her a few months before, but I had always teased her about why I had to be the one to propose, and that maybe I wanted an engagement ring. So for my birthday, she bought a nice band ring and engraved it with her love, put it in a balloon and gave it to me. It was one of those Mylar balloons and the ring rattled around in it. My wife swore she had no idea what it was and suggested we pop it to see what it was. When I cut it open she got down on her knee and asked me. It’s super cheesy, but I love her for it!

  • Gracie

    Well, actually, this best-birthday-gift-ever was given by me to my husband, but since what’s mine is his and what’s his is mine, I think and hope this entry qualifies! In college, my husband had heard a radio play on NPR that knocked his proverbial socks off, and he actually taped the re-broadcast and wrote several key quotes from it and kept these in his head for years. Since our dating days, he quoted from this work, so years later (after about 14 years of marriage) I found the rare book and recording, before the days of a searchable internet…I had to call the Library of Congress to get the old recording…but after months of calls and letters I found it and gave it to him, and he says to this day that it was the best birthday present ever…well, besides the birth of our son not long after his birthdate! And btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kirk! :)


    Trip to Hawaii for my 30th birthday!

  • Jeff C

    My best birthday present was a book of letters from (almost) all of my favorite friends, past and present, that my wife secretly contacted, corroborated with and then organized into a beautiful hand-made keepsake book. Very moving !

  • Damian Sinclair

    The best birthday gift I received was simply a pack of dominoes from my great grandad. It may not be expensive or something that every kid wants these days but I loved playing dominoes at the time and 7 years later I still have them and still play with them.

  • Alfredo Pulleghini

    My best birthday was when I got a little letter from my daughter saying: I love you Daddy! I keeping that forever.

  • Sam Vanderspek

    The best birthday gift I received was my family visiting from Holland.

  • Li T.

    best birthday gift I’ve ever received was a puppy

  • Daniel Manning

    The best birthday present I ever had was my little daughter Nazley
    Born 20/11/2001

  • Chris Müller

    My best birthday gift was an mp3 player. It was an old moddel with 256 mb of memory, but it was the greatest thing for me to listen to music all day long. :)

  • Kevin

    A surprise party thrown by my wife was the best birthday I can remember. Over 20 years ago.

  • Scott Perrin

    Hands down my favorite birthday present was in 2005-the birth of my son.

  • Clint

    My best birthday gift? Last year, the iPad I’m typing this on.

  • desiree richardson

    The best gift I received for my birthday I actually got 1month and 5 days before my birthday. MY DAUGHTER ALYSSA!!!! she was born 06/01/2002 and my birthday is July 6th

  • Richard F Randolph

    My best birthday present was an extension kit for my microscope when I was 12.

  • fatalsick

    My favorite birthday present was a combination bubble gum machine/money saver. You had to put a quarter in the machine to get the gum, but I always figured a way to open the machine & steal the gum without putting a quarter in it! LOL! That probably gave me more joy when I figured out the intricate way of dismantling that machine for the gum then emptying it for money. Once I mastered that, I started putting quarters in it for the gum!

  • keithg

    My favorite birthday presents also happened to be a hardbound print of your novel manuscript from your wife but the shoehorn with teeth carved in it was given to me by Bill Shatner. Weird.

  • Curtis

    my first car

  • NormanW5

    Happy Birthday Kirk Hiner!!

    The best birthday present that I can tell you about was a new iPhone. (Of course, there was that birthday when we were newly married . . . better than an iPhone.)

  • Vikki M

    The best present I have got for my birthday was from my Mom and it was my Greandma’s engagement ring.

  • David Gween

    A seafood (for real! No pun!) surprise party.

  • Jack Jose

    Best birthday gift ever – cash! Last year, for my 42nd birthday, a $5 bill fell out of a birthday card. Reliving the joy of youth!

  • KD

    Hubby when we first met- got us a really cheap hotel room near the beach, never really saw the room, but had a great time on the beach…

  • Kurt Liget

    The best birthday gift I ever received was a new computer. However, I gave it to myself.

  • Dalton Drouillard

    The best birthday gift I ever received was the homemade cake from my sister :)

  • A kech

    The best birthday gift was a trip tow South Africa where I saw giraffes, lions, elephants, a rhino, hippos, and most adorable of all baby hyenas.

  • Milwaukee Iron

    Best gift ever was ny first motorcycle…almost 50 years ago. I have ridden all my life…currently on a Harley trike.

  • bobby garner

    THIS will be the greatest birthday gift I will have ever received!!! …before this tho it was my first computer which had dial up Internet access to “legally” download music from Napster!! seems like forever ago

  • Randy C.

    I would have to say a gold watch for my 40th birthday.

  • Rob Pennington

    Best gift was a surprise party my sister gave me in high school. I was walking home with my girlfriend and noticed cars around my house of friends. I convinced myself my sister was having a party and didn’t invite me. So I opened the door intent on being angry when everyone hollered “Surprise,” and started singing Happy Birthday to me! I was so overwhelmed I just turned around and walked right out of the house. I learned an important lesson that day about not trusting my first judgement, especially if I don’t like how it makes me feel, which might actually be the greatest gift.

  • AndrewC

    For my 40th I was given a 50″ television that I use with my Apple TV and now that I’ve given up travelling with my laptop, this would be a great travel companion for my ipad!

  • Holly B

    This is really mushy, but my favorite birthday present was my boyfriend coming to visit me when I was working in Japan for a year.

  • James Konizos

    My best BD gift was a New Car.

  • Mike R

    People never know what to get me even though I have wish lists all over the place. Usually, I have to buy my own gifts that I genuinely like. That might sound like an unappreciative jerk, but no b-day gifts really stand out. Some people have given up & just give me cash. I tend to have no problem finding gifts for people though. Maybe I just pay more attention?

  • Theresa J

    My best birthday present was an ipod fully loaded with music