HiddenRadio introduces limited edition metallic red Bluetooth speaker

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What is it about red that it always seems to be a limited edition thing? Black, white, silver, 365 days a year. Red? Only when they want you to have it. Such is now the case with the metallic red HiddenRadio speaker, which will be limited to 500 units. If you’re looking for a red Bluetooth speaker, amplifier and FM radio to complement your decor, better hurry.

HiddenRadio—no matter the color—is a portable wireless speaker and FM radio, the volume of which is controlled by the cap. Lift the cap to turn it on, then keep lifting it to increase the volume. The unique speaker drivers and cone design spread the sound evenly throughout the room, so you will hear the same great sound no matter where you are.

HiddenRadio’s Key Features include:

  • Multifunctional – HiddenRadio is a Bluetooth speaker, amplifier and FM radio all-in-one that works with most laptops, tablets and iOS or Android smartphones to enhance music, movies, gaming, and more.
  • Iconic Design – HiddenRadio’s minimalistic design is captivating in its simplicity and ease of use. The interactive cap serves as the power switch and controls the volume, creating a unique semantic connection.
  • Simple, Intuitive, Loud – The world’s simplest and most intuitive wireless speaker is activated with just a slight twist of the cap; the further you twist and lift the cap, the louder it gets. In the compact speaker category, the HiddenRadio is one of the best performing speakers available to date; its sound easily fills the space of the largest apartment.
  • Truly Portable – Weighing in at less than a pound, HiddenRadio fits in any bag or backpack. The lithium-ion battery provides 15 hours of solid sound and is easily recharged via USB.
  • Wireless Freedom – No more tangled cords or searching for an outlet; simply twist and lift the cap and the HiddenRadio automatically goes into pairing mode with any smartphone or computer equipped with Bluetooth.
  • 360° Sound – HiddenRadio’s unique speaker drivers and cone design spread the sound evenly throughout the room, for a full audio experience to over 90dB.

HiddenRadio is available on the HIDDEN website for $145.95. The metallic red model is limited to 500 units, but those able to get their orders in can also claim free shipping by using the code RED500 when checking out. The other available colors are metallic silver, graphite black and pure.

Product [HiddenRadio]

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