Hotline Miami brings its “raw brutality” to Mac gamers

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Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is available now for the Mac on Steam for $9.99.

Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Soon you’ll find yourself struggling to get a grip of what is going on and why you are prone to these acts of violence.

Hotline Miami features:

  • Breakneck gunplay in bloodstained neon corridors combined with an intense, pumping soundtrack.
  • A surreal and gritty storyline panned out over 20 brutal multi-level maps.
  • Heart-stopping battles against a bizarre cast of bosses from Miami’s underground.
  • Wield 35 different weapons – from shotguns and assault rifles to katanas and lead pipes – everything is at your disposal.
  • Over 1,000 different sprites for a fantastic variety of environments, weapons, items, and enemy death animations to keep the killing fresh.
  • Slip on one of 25 unlockable animal masks to conceal your identity and tweak the gameplay in your favor or crank up the challenge.
  • Driving beats and brooding sounds by Sun Araw, Coconuts, M.O.O.N., Jasper Byrne, El Huervo, Perturbator, Scattle, Elliott Berlin and Eirik Suhrke.
  • Tough as nails Achievements that test your limits and leaderboards to prove your worth.

Hotline Miami is available on Steam, along with the soundtrack, for $9.99 each.

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