Withings announces the Smart Body Analyzer Scale with heart rate and air quality sensors

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Smart Body analyzer scaleIf you’re anything close to a health-nut with an interest in technology, you’ve no doubt heard of Withings. They are a company that makes nifty gadgets that help keep track of some of your health metrics. Now they’re announcing their newest bathroom scale, the Smart Body Analyzer. Like its predecessor, the Smart Body Analyzer scale can measure your weight and body composition, but it takes it a few steps forward. This scale can measure heart rate and air quality. For real. And it still uploads your information to your account online so you can track it and analyze it like the data miner you never knew you were.

Resting heart rate is an good indicator of overall physical health, which is why Withings wanted to start measuring it along with the standard body measures their previous scales already did. And while measuring your heart rate through your feet might not be the most conventional method, it makes total sense. About 80% of users weigh themselves in the morning, which just happens to be about the perfect time to measure resting heart rate.

But wait, there’s more. This scale even keeps an eye on the surrounding environment. It measures temperature and CO2 quantities. Why? CO2 can accumulate in confined spaces like bedrooms. If you don’t allow fresh air to circulate, you could suffer a range of adverse health effects including—but not limited to—deterioration of sleep quality, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, sweating and more awful things.

So, these measurements combined with your weight and fat mass percentage can give you some pretty decent metrics to track for your overall health and home environment. Unsurprisingly, Withings has you covered here too. All of this information is uploaded instantly to your account in the cloud, tracked, and distributed to partner websites that you approve, like RunKeeper. There are even neat graphs and everything! And it’s all accessible from your iOS devices pretty much anywhere you have an internet connection. The app can even give you advice to improve your well-being.

The Smart Body Analyzer scale is available now at Withings for $149.95.

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