Luxi incident light meter accessory on Kickstarter

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Following the trend of the appessory device wave, Luxi has just launched on Kickstarter. A snap-on accessory that turns your iPhone’s front camera into a light meter, this device can pair with an app to help photographers judge just the right exposure settings for their DSLRs.

Luxi Pocket Light Meter

The iPhone is already one of the most popular cameras in the world, but for serious photogs the DSLR’s flexibility will always be important; with this little accessory, your iPhone can be an integral part of your camera gear.

How do they do that?

Luxi Pocket Light Meter

The Luxi basically converts your iPhone’s front camera into an incident light meter (for non-photographers, this is a device that lets you measure the amount of light falling on your subject, which is crucial in adjusting your camera settings for proper exposure). The Luxi fits on the top of your iPhone and places a translucent plastic dome over the front camera. The dome helps capture a 180º field of light so you can accurately determine how much light is hitting your subject. When paired with a light meter app like Pocket Light Meter, the iPhone will then give you the value for settings like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, allowing you to take a perfectly exposed shot.

Pledge Levels

Luxi’s goal of $10,000 has been massively overrun; as of the article date, there are currently 4,698 backers offering up a total of more than $108,000. Due to the overwhelming response, the project has announced a special Kickstarter Green edition, designed to let you show off your status as an early backer. Production units will retail at $24.95 each, but you can get in on some special deals by backing the project now.

The project runs for 15 more days, and pledge levels/rewards are as follows:

  • $19 gets you a Luxi for either your iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 (there are a limited number available for only $19, so pledge early)
  • $28 gets you one of two combo packs: either one Luxi for iPhone 4/4S and one for iPhone 5, or a Celebration Set, which consists of 2 Luxis (one black and one Kickstarter Green) that fit either an iPhone 5 or 4/4S.
  • $99 gets you a super fancy machined version of the Luxi, which you’ll get much earlier than everybody else so you can show off when you’re at a photoshoot.

Be sure to check out the Luxi’s Kickstarter page for full details.

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