Kickstarter: M3CH by Small Impact Games

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Kickstarter logoThere are thousands of kickstarter projects asking for your money, and it can be difficult to decide to which ones you should donate. In this new column at AppleTell, we’ll highlight the projects we think are worthy of your attention and support.

What is M3CH?

M3CH is a mech game for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch. The premise? “In an uncertain future where over-industrialization and economic crisis have affected the earth on a global scale, you assume the role of a mercenary mech pilot looking to earn a name for yourself, and to pick up some hard-earned credits in the process.” With three classes of mechs to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and which offer 30 weapons, you can make a mech that suits your playstyle.

M3Ch by Small Impact Games

Why should I support M3CH?

M3CH is a mech game with multi-player support on your iOS device. That is reason enough since there is a definite lack of mech games in general. Plus, with 40 types of mechs in 3 classes, and with 30 weapons, you have control over how your mech acts on the battlefield and how you fight against your enemies.

Imagine taking to the battlefield with a light mech with high speed and flanking ability wielding a rifle for long-distance sniping and grenades that help chase enemies out of cover. Your two opponents are a heavy mech that can do a lot of damage with machine guns but is a big target, and a medium mech who runs and guns with a shotgun. You’ll have to use your tactical knowledge of the area combined with outfitting your mech wisely to make it through that battle in one piece.

Where can I find out more about M3CH?

Small Impact Games’ Kickstarter page has a lot of additional information, including screenshots and artwork. You have only until Sunday March 24th at 10:51 AM EDT to donate, with several bonuses starting at $10 (which gives you the full game when it’s released).

M3CH is 90% completed and just needs a bit of extra funding to push it over the finish line and to your iOS device. At press time, it only has about 14 hours left on Kickstarter, so if you support it and tell your friends you can (hopefully) start battling them with your own custom mech.

You can also follow Small Impact Games at their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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