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I was going to write up an article on Reminder+ when it was announced on March 21st, but I forgot. How’s that for conveying an app’s importance without having used it?

Reminder+From the developers of AroundMe, Reminder+ for iOS combines the power of their location-based AroundMe database with time- and task-synced alerts. Reminder+ lets users set reminders, create to-do lists and designate tasks based on location, date and time or a countdown with a few simple taps. Then, Reminder+ will sound an alert when you’re close to the location or time, displaying the task in detail.

Employing AroundMe’s extensive location database, users can add custom locations, such as their neighborhood dry cleaner or veterinarian, and then set reminders any time they arrive or depart a specific location. On your last clean suit yet keep forgetting to pick up your laundry, no matter how many times you pass the dry cleaner? Come and go through the drug store then arrive home only to realize you forgot a birthday card for your mom? Thanks to Reminder+, these common tendencies ailing even the best of us are no longer a reality. Simply set it and you won’t forget it.

The developers offered these reminders as to why you need Reminder+:

Location-based Reminders – Set reminders for the moment you arrive or depart a specific location…or both, just in case! Reminder+ will alert you what you need to do at just the right moment, so you’ll never arrive home again without completing that very important task. Save specific locations like the office, doctor’s office, or local grocer for easy access in the future.

Alarm Reminders – Are tickets for your favorite band’s reunion tour going on sale at a very specific time? Don’t miss out – simply set up an alarm and Reminder+ will let you know when it’s time to hop in the virtual ticket line. Always forget to take your vitamins in the morning? Set a recurring alarm and you’ll be on your way to perfect health in no time.

Timer Reminders – Set a countdown reminder for all of those very time-specific tasks that take up your daily life. Do you prefer your tea perfectly brewed for exactly four minutes? Reminder+ will let you know when it’s ready, so your tea will never be cold again. Then, save favorite countdown timers to easily reuse them any time you need.

Sharing Reminders – We all have forgetful friends. This one’s for them. Whenever you need to remind a friend, family member or significant other of something important, simply send them a reminder alert and let Reminder+ take care of them. Don’t let your absentminded-yet-lovable brother forget your mom’s birthday again!

Reminder+ for iPhone and iPod touch is available now for $1.99.

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