Garmin announces StreetPilot and Navigon GPS updates, sale

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Garmin announced late last week that their popular navigation apps, StreetPilot Onboard and NAVIGON, have been updated with some cool new features, including Bluetooth audio streaming and enhanced social features. There’s even an update that makes your navigation apps frighteningly intelligent, though I, for one, welcome our new GPS overlords if they’ll help people get places on time with fewer detours.

Updated Features


It’s an open secret that AppleTell’s chief editor Kirk Hiner is a devoted fan of the Navigon apps, while I personally found the Garmin StreetPilot onDemand app an invaluable resource when I made a business trip to Los Angeles (without the app, I would probably still be stuck on the 405…). Both apps are receiving updates to add additional features, while some of the updates are designed to bring the apps closer to parity since Garmin acquired NAVIGON back in 2011. The new features include:

  • Navigon’s map manager is now available to StreetPilot OnBoard users. You can download maps for individual regions, allowing you to save space by downloading only maps you need, so a road trip to the southwest doesn’t become a permanent space hog on your iPhone.
  • Bluetooth audio integration: This one’s killer, as it allows your iPhone to integrate navigation and media streaming. If your phone is paired with your car, spoken directions will turn down the music and then restore the volume, providing you a single device for music and nav.
  • Garmin StreetPilotWikipedia integration for POI, which lets you get additional data about landmarks and points of interest for navigation or just general research. Social integration, like Foursquare, is also enhanced to show you nearby check-in locations.
  • myTrends: This one is combination scary/insanely cool. Your app can learn frequent destinations associated to the time you most frequently go there, so when you get in your car at 5 pm, it knows you’re heading home and can automatically plan a route for you to avoid traffic that day. Cut to the robotic overlords…

On Sale

In celebration of spring break travels and the updated features, Garmin has put most of their apps on sale. StreetPilot and NAVIGON USA are $10 off at $40, while StreetPilot and NAVIGON North America North America are $15 off at $45.

Check out full details of the app updates here, or browse all of Garmin/NAVIGON’s apps on the App Store.

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