Kickstarter Find: Yaba X portable speaker and guitar amplifier

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Yaba X

If you have any experience with being in a band, you know why the first thing you do when you make a buck is hire roadies to carry around your amps. So, what if you could trade the amps in for a small device that can turn any surface into a speaker? You wouldn’t, because a tabletop will never be as powerful as your Marshall stacks. But PLX Devices’ Yaba X certainly could have its uses.

The Yaba X is “… the world’s first portable speaker and guitar amplifier that is specifically engineered to turn any surface into a speaker.” It does this by utilizing the surface as an extension of the speaker itself, allowing it to deliver :big sound in a small package.” Doubling as a guitar amplifier, the Yaba X is the ideal speaker for any music playing device.

This video will help demonstrate:

Certainly useful for practice or an impromptu jam session, right?

From the press release:

Made from cast zinc, the pocket-sized Yaba X is stunningly beautiful. It measures only a few inches and is still able to deliver room-filling sound equal to the performance of speakers 10 times its size. With a core composed of neodymium magnets, Yaba X is powered by 3 lithium polymer batteries capable of playing your music for up to 8 hours on a single charge while delivering crystal clear sound quality from the built-in class G amplifier.

The Yaba X is currently in its Kickstarter campaign, where it has reached over $21,000 of its $27,000 goal with 25 days left to go at press time. The lower backing levels are sold old, so pledges with incentives now start at $49, which will get you a blue Yaba when it ships in July.

For more information, check out Yaba X on Kickstarter.

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