Ark of the Ages RPG now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Ark of the Ages

You had me at “skeletal knights.”

XSEED Games—easily one of my favorite publishers for consoles and handheld gaming systems—has made their first foray into iOS gaming with the action RPG Ark of the Ages. Developed by Meteorise and already available for Android, Ark of the Ages features console-style graphics and a roleplaying experience that sends players into the depths of deadly dungeons for immersive battles.

In Ark of the Ages, you’ll play as a knight of the Royal Order investigating a series of incidents in the village of Emilie. And hey, wouldn’t you know that there’s an ancient Tower of Magic nearby? And it was constructed by a great wizard? It’s in there that you’ll prove your worth to the Royal Order.

In Ark of the Ages, players delve deep into a series of mysterious dungeons in search of loot, prosperity and furious battle. These dungeons are vast, winding complexes in which exploration is played from a third-person perspective, and players will be tasked with navigating and avoiding various pitfalls such as swinging blades and endless chasms with intuitive console-style dual analog touch inputs. Filled with monsters such as skeletal knights, goblins and golems, each dungeon presents its own unique challenges, and players will frequently find themselves entering into battle. Upon encountering an enemy, the camera shifts from a third- to first-person perspective, putting players directly in the battle. Offensive combat is executed through a series of swipes across the screen simulating blade slashes, and attacks can be directly blocked through properly timed use of the characters’ shield.

Throughout their adventure, players will encounter all kinds of loot with which to customize their character, and items, weapons and equipment are completely customizable. By equipping items and weapons found in dungeons or purchased in shops, players are able to mold characters to their preferred play-style. The game also features a social aspect, taking full advantage of the GREE community platform to allow players to connect to their friends online. As the number of friends present increases, players gain a variety of bonuses such as increased frequency of special attacks.

Ark of the Ages boasts 24 unique dungeons, epic first-person combat and a deeply customizable RPG experience. The game is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $1.99, with in-app purchases available.

For more information, visit Fans can also follow XSEED Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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