Hit your friends with the Lie Swatter, now on iOS

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JLie Swatterellyvision Games, the creators of You Don’t Know Jack, are back up to their irreverent multiplayer trivia fun, this time asking if you can separate strange fiction from stranger fact. Lie Swatter is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and gives you “… another chance to prove to your friends that they’re dumber than you are,” according to Mike Bilder, general manager of Jellyvision Games.

Opponents in the free-to-play, turn-based mobile trivia game can be found via Facebook Connect, email, and specific user name. If you have no friends, or if they’re all just smarter than you, Lie Swatter gamers can also play a random unsuspecting foe. Integration with Apple’s Game Center is forthcoming.

As for the game:

In each of the three rounds, players pick a category and are presented with seven statements…and then the swatting begins. Players find and crush ridiculous lies with a satisfying splat, while avoiding odd truths like “Christmas trees kill an average of 13 people a year.” Not feeling confident? Jellyvision Games has you covered with Category Zappers and Helpers, available for purchase with in-game tokens. Don’t worry, Jellyvision Games won’t judge you for artificially enhancing your performance.

Lie Swatter represents Jellyvision Games’ second mobile effort and a further demonstration of the developer’s focus on the social and mobile gaming world. Expect content updates and special categories to be announced soon.

Lie Swatter is free on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. For more information, follow Lie Swatter on Facebook and Twitter.

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