Hang W/ social video app launches

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Text messaging and tweeting has been all the rage for a number of years now, but with the rise of faster networks and increasingly ubiquitous Wi-Fi, 100+ characters just seems so…limiting. Enter Hang w/, an app that combines Twitter’s sharing, YouTube’s broadcasting, and live TV’s capabilities to let you share the action of your life with your friends and followers whenever and wherever you are.

 You Gotta See This

Unlike YouTube, which takes static videos and broadcasts them, Hang W/ provides you the ability to live stream video to all of your followers, whether you’re sharing a vacation event with a few family members or broadcasting a national uprising to millions of people worldwide. You build a channel with followers similar to YouTube or Twitter, but the videos being shared are broadcast live in a Hang W/ session. You can chat with others hanging out, giving you the ability to share what’s going on with others as it happens.

Celebrities can broadcast backstage or behind the scenes views of popular events to all their followers, or a few friends can have a virtual hangout session with no limit on the number of folks who can join (kind of like a Skype or Google+ hangout, but with no limitations on the number of participants). Oddly enough, the digital hangout is a very old concept; check out this vintage Compuserve ad to see the pre-21st century take on how we’d be connecting in cyberspace.

Bank It

As you build your following on Hang W/, you also have the opportunity to get paid. Pre- and post-video advertisements play whenever you stream video, so your followers see a quick ad before they are connected to your live video stream. The profit from those ads is shared with users, so if you have enough followers watching your videos, you might be looking at some serious bank. Sharing videos of your cat probably won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but there’s definitely potential to develop a podcast-style audience for your videos.

Hang W/ is now live in the app store. It’s free, so there’s nothing to be lost in trying, and you just might be able to get a glimpse into the real life of celebrities who are broadcasting.

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