Musubo Hypergrip case for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Protection from scuffs, minor drops and bumps
Developer: Musubo
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

When I reviewed a few Musubo cases for the iPhone 4/4S last September, I praised the line for its unique design and combination of materials. They brought an entirely different feel to the iPhone, but it was a comfortable feel with a lot of style; six months later, my wife still uses the Musubo Eden on her iPhone 4S. I was looking forward to seeing what they’d offer for the iPhone 5, but find myself a bit disappointed by the Musubo Hypergrip.

It’s still a pretty slick looking case. Available in green, purple, and red with a black accent, white with a purple accent, or in black with a green accent, the Hypergrip uses contrasting color and texture to help it stand out from the competition. These are cases that want to be noticed.

Musubo Hypergrip case for iPhone 5

They want to be held, too. The silicone that makes up the bulk of the case has a soft, smooth feel to it that’s comfortable to hold. However, it comes across as a bit flimsy, especially around the edges where the fit doesn’t hug the phone as I’d like. And aren’t we all about done with silicone, anyway? The construction here feels more like something I would’ve put on an iPhone 3G.

The only thing that really holds the Hypergrip on your iPhone is the slanted strip of plastic which snaps over the iPhone’s edges and around the back of the case. Easy on, easy off.

Musubo Hypergrip case for iPhone 5

The obvious openings are in place for access to buttons and ports, but this is a mixed bag. The bottom opening is sectioned off, preventing use of a Ligthning port adapter or direct docking with anything other than your Lightning docking cable.

Musubo Hypergrip case for iPhone 5

The camera opening is fine, however, and the volume buttons built into the case are responsive. Also, the mute switch is easy to access, which doesn’t always happen with silicone cases.

As with previous Musubo cases, the Hypergrip comes with a plastic stand that does a good job of displaying the phone at a good angle, but it’s not enough of a bonus to justify the purchase this time. The Musubo Hypergrip provides the scuff/drop protection you want and it has a certain degree of flair to it, but it feels somewhat cheap and outdated, especially in its lack of consideration for docking needs.

Hang tight, though, because things will get better in the Musubo iPhone 5 case line, which we’ll be exploring later this week.

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Musubo Hypergrip iPhone 5 case review

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