PhotoCal displays your life in photos, one day at a time

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PhotoCalThere’s no shortage of ways to view your photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but one of the more unique (and perhaps useful) methods is YunaSoft’s recently released PhotoCal. You know those photo calendars your parents always want you to make even though you really have no idea why? It’s kind of like that, only instant and even more personal.

PhotoCal organizes your photo collections and displays pictures on a calendar so it’s clear on which dates they were taken.

Until now, iPhone users could view their photos in chronological order, but had no idea when exactly those pictures were taken. PhotoCal integrates with the iPhone’s Photos app to provide a special calendar view which sorts photos and rearranges them to the calendar date the photos were taken. Events for that date are displayed to the right of the calendar so users can be reminded at which events the photos were taken.

Every picture in your camera roll is automatically added to the calendar view so you can instantly recall where you were at a certain day, or find specific photos by going to that day. And, of course, PhotoCal has full calendar functionality; use it to keep track of tasks and events, create or modify appointments, and set recurring meetings.

PhotoCal is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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